Lawyers and friends honor Schmucker


By Frank Weir

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"It's been a great 20 years," Circuit Court Judge Chad Schmucker told a gathering of the Jackson County Bar Association on Thursday last week.

A large turnout of local lawyers and others who work in law- and court-related activities were on hand at Daryl's Thursday evening to wish Schmucker well as he concludes his work here and begins duties as State Court Administrator.

State Supreme Court Justice Robert Young was on hand at the farewell and welcomed Schmucker to the SCAO.

"We feel blessed to have a person with as many talents and strengths as Judge Schmucker," Young said. "He was a unanimous choice.

"He mentioned that he rode his bike to work," Young continued. "Now I'm allergic to that kind of activity but he's off to a wonderful quick start at the SCAO too.

"As most of you know, he is replacing Carl Gromek who helped us through a very difficult decade. And as we face the state's fiscal crisis, we need all the support we can get and we are glad to have the able help of Judge Schmucker."

Retired Circuit Court Judge Charles Nelson noted that Schmucker originated a number of "innovations" that helped the local bar including the court's video systems and the first floor security screening.

"Chad has done a great job and he has been an inspiration for all those who followed him onto the Circuit Court bench. Congratulations on a job well done and for the job I know you're going to do," he said.

In thanking everyone, Judge Schmucker noted that he has "really enjoyed my experiences on the bench.

"I didn't realize how much I liked it until I started packing things up. But I saw that my files of hate mail seemed to be far thicker than those of my thank you notes.

"After looking closer, I noticed that a few of the hate mail senders threw the page total off by including multiple pages, copies of the U.S. Constitution and so forth.

"I also saved copies of documents from certain cases and many of you here were on those cases.

"I had a lot of great cases--and great people on those cases--during my years on the bench here and I'll always remember all of you.

"I think I can make a contribution to the courts in the state in my new capacity. Thanks for giving me a great experience here."

Published: Thu, Apr 7, 2011


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