Prosecutor goes all-digital for criminal-case evidence

A new digital evidence management platform launched months ago by the Macomb County Prosecutor’s Office already contains 107,478 items of digital evidence, according to Prosecutor Peter Lucido.

Lucido announced in a press release issued this month that the  digital evidence includes video, audio and photos.

The digital evidence management platform is called, a cloud-based system that allows prosecutors and police agencies to manage, review, and share digital evidence, particularly video evidence. Local police agencies are working with the prosecutor’s office to start sharing digital evidence using the new system, and defense lawyers can readily access information to properly defend their clients.

“In the budget presentation, the county commissioners saw the need for a better way to disclose digital evidence and their efforts have achieved results for crime victims, law enforcement, and the public in our county,” said Lucido.  “We are challenged by a continuing increase in the amount of digital evidence, including body cameras, patrol car video, cell phone video, home and business security video, and more.

“We need to see it, and jurors expect to see it.“

Last December, the Commission approved a five-year contract with Axon at a cost of $356,672 spread out over five years, including an initial $67,934.40 from the county Capital Improvement Fund, as a result of a public bid process.

“To our Macomb County Commissioners and IT Dept., I say thank you for helping us move forward in the handling of digital evidence,” said Lucido.