Raymond J. "Randy" Kostrzewa is sworn in as Muskegon County's newest judge



By Diana L. Coleman

Legal News

The courtroom was packed with standing room only, and those were two and three deep, as Raymond J. “Randy” Kostrzewa was sworn in as a 60th District Court Judge by the Honorable Andrew Wierengo III.

Kostrzewa campaigned aggressively four years ago against Judge Wierengo, but was defeated. It seems all is in the past, and the two will now be working closely together on the district court bench.

Father Phil Salmonawicz presented the invocation and the Kostrzewa children (Joseph and Catherine) led the Pledge of Allegiance. Wife Linnea Kostrzewa held the Bible as Kostrzewa was sworn into office.

She then made a speech about their journey to the Judgeship with two defeats saying, “It has made us humble and it has shown us that God has a plan for all of us and things will happen when the time is right. God has blessed us and connected the dots.”

Attorney Kevin B. Evan and retired Muskegon County Sheriff Bob Carter presented Kostrzewa with his Judge’s robe accompanied by handshaking and backslapping.

As all of the Muskegon County and visiting Judges made remarks and wished Randy and the Kostrzewa family well on this new journey, one of the judges also sympathized with D. J. Hilson and the prosecutor’s staff that they were losing a great trial attorney.

The Honorable Raymond J. Kostrzewa brought remarks following his investiture. “Trust in God, persevere in worthy goals and strive for excellence,” said Kostrzewa.

After the many positive comments from the judiciary about Kostrzewa’s integrity and character and what a good person he is, the conclusion was reached that he will be a first-rate judge.