ABA joins SBM and other state bars to develop national online lawyer directors

The American Bar Association (ABA) has entered into an agreement with the State Bar of Michigan (SBM) and other state bar associations and technology partner CloudLaw Public Benefit Corporation to develop online legal directories for use by the public and lawyers. By joining in this effort, the ABA and the state bars will use their combined expertise to create an online network of legal providers. The network will offer easy-to-use lawyer search, topical legal information, and quick connections with and between legal professionals.
“CloudLaw has been carefully building the foundation for credible, convenient online lawyer directories for consumers and lawyers with the collective input of state bar associations,” said State Bar of Michigan Executive Director Janet Welch. “The current CloudLaw network has quietly been benefiting Michigan lawyers and the public for over two years, and its value will increase tremendously over time. The addition of the expertise of the American Bar Association is a crucial step forward in offering both consumers and lawyers a high quality way to find the right lawyer.” 
The state bars are primarily responsible for the development of the public online legal directory so that each state’s directory can be tailored to local needs. The ABA is working with CloudLaw to build the national online lawyer-to-lawyer directory. The directory will function as a central, searchable hub where ABA members who choose to participate can find lawyers for consultations, projects and co-counsel work, and show their own availability. 

“The American Bar Association looks forward to providing greater access to lawyers through collaboration with state bars” said American Bar Association President Hilarie Bass. “We know that more and more consumers look online to find a lawyer and, for that matter, so do other lawyers.

Providing the public with an online directory developed by their state bar and providing lawyers a way to find their colleagues in different communities online meets both of these needs in an effective and ethical manner.”  
CloudLaw Public Benefit Corporation, a Delaware company headquartered in Traverse City, was co-founded by Robert Aicher and other attorneys with deep roots in the profession. Their vision is to forge innovative partnerships with bar associations to create a national online legal network to improve access to legal services and enhance the protection of consumers seeking legal help. The company hopes to make a positive impact on the online legal environment.  www.cloudlawyers.com.


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