Lewis Farm welcomes visitors to a full experience of outdoors



An eye for an eye… for an eye: Much has been made of the resemblance of peacock feathers’ pattern to eyes, ranging from a sense of watchfulness and protection to foreboding about the symbolism of the “evil eye.” The way the peacock’s vibrant colors is created in the beholder’s eye is unusual too — unlike most color perception which comes from the object’s pigmentation, the peacock has what is called “structural coloration,” where what one sees is created by the way its feathers reflect light. This one is a resident of Lewis Farm, in New Era.


Photos by Jeanne Vollmer

Lewis Farm Market and Petting Zoo is a tourist attraction in New Era which is not to be missed. From birds to alpaca to a wallaby, the petting zoo is never disappointing, and there are lots of other games and activities for kids as well.

The Farm Market not only sells fresh fruits and vegetables, but also offers a small restaurant where you can eat in.

It goes right through the fall, too, with a corn maze opening up Sept. 1.

On June 17, Father’s Day, Lewis Farms is offering free admission for dads.