By Tracy K. Lorenz

For some reason Colin Kaepernick just won’t go away; if his plan was to raise awareness of police brutality I believe people are now fully, nauseatingly, aware. The fact it’s been shown over and over and over that young black men aren’t shot any more often than anyone else* is besides the point.

But back to Kaepernick and the kneeling.

People who don’t follow sports may have missed the Kaepernick story prior to the kneeling so here’s my take on it. 

Back in 2015 Kaepernick had the hots for a black activist/muslim disc jockey named Nessa Diab. The problem was ol’ Nessa was dating Colin’s 49ers teammate Aldon Smith.  Kap started dealing on Nessa and Smith didn’t like it, a HUGE locker room fight ensued and other players had to pull the two apart.  Kaepernick was already riding the bench but now he was riding the bench AND his teammates hated him for trying to mack on another teammate’s girl.

(From October 25, 2015) “Fox Sports Jay Glazer reported that Kaepernick was indeed on an island inside the 49ers locker room.  And now it appears that it may be due to Kaepernick’s love triangle which involved Smith and Nessa.”

So Kaepernick’s riding the pines, his teammates hate him, and he’s trying to win over a disc jockey who isn’t exactly a fan of all things American and cops in particular so he (Kaepernick) decides to throw the Hail-Mary-Impress-the-Radical-Muslim-Activist-Disk-Jockey move of all time... he sits during the National Anthem to protest all the things Nessa hates.

And it works.

Suddenly Colin is the talk of the sports world AND he gets the girl.  His teammates are thinking, “Hmmm, when I hit the clubs all the girls are talking about Colin, perhaps I should sit too...”  and it took off from there. But the press only focused on the “Black kids are being murdered!” part and not the “Colin wants to get laid” part and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the rest of the story.  Kaepernick isn’t some activist, prior to meeting Nessa his posts were about football and hanging with his friends. After he met Nessa 75% of his social media posts were about Black Nationalists and Black Lives Matter related messages.  To put it plainly, Kaepernick was getting Yoko’d.

When it comes to young men in general and athletes in particular it usually comes down to money and women and not necessarily in that order. The media has chosen to ignore that motivation, ignore the Kaepernick/Nessa connection, and ignore the fact black kids aren’t any more likely to get shot than white kids* because those trivialities don’t fit the leftist narrative.

Kaepernick has made a fortune off his theatrics (no word on how much of that has made its way to victims of violence), Nike will make a fortune of it and is getting tons of free advertising, and of course the radio talk shows love it because all this controversy does one thing for sure, it makes the listeners ... Col in.

*Editor’s Note: The Washington Post, which has kept a detailed database of police killings resulting in death for four years, reports “Black males accounted for 22 percent of all people shot and killed in 2017, yet they are 6 percent of the total population.” At the same time, it should also be noted that police killings as a whole are slightly down, though remained steady at just under 1000 in 2016 and 2017, and there has also been a reduction in the number of unarmed people killed.

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