Democratic candidate for Michigan Governor visits Muskegon Heights


Some of the candidates present at the Muskegon Heights visit of Gretchen Whitmer (far right) included, left to right: Terry Sabo, running for re-election as State Representative for the 92nd District; Asaline Scott, who was standing in for her daughter Brianna, running for the Michigan State University Board of Regents; and Rob Davidson, candidate for U.S. senator. Also present were Ken Mahoney and Rillastine Wilkins, two incumbents for county commissioner In different districts.

Gretchen Whitmer, who is running on the Democratic ticket for Governor of Michigan, came to Muskegon Heights last Saturday and spoke to promoters who filled the Muskegon Heights Commission room in City Hall.

After being introduced by Muskegon Heights Mayor Kim Sims, Whitmer, a former state representative and state senator who graduated from Forest Hills Central High School near Grand Rapids, spoke briefly. She then answered whatever questions were put to her and introduced fellow politicians.

After speaking, she went on an impromptu basis outside City Hall to  greet people at a get-together following the well-attended memorial service for Dr. James Jackson. Mayor Sims and a host of other dignitaries spoke at the memorial service. As shown, Whitmer chatted with volunteers from the James Jackson Museum of African-American History who were in attendance at the reception.

In 2013, Whitmer was encouraged to run against current governor Rick Snyder but declined because she felt it would take too much time away from her pre-teen and teen children.

Whitmer faces Republican challenger Bill Schuette in the fall.

Immediately following her stop in Muskegon Heights, Whitmer went on to the county’s Demoratic Party fall picnic  at Pat’s Roadhouse and, apparently, played a mean game of cornhole.


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