Postcard Salon offers an inexpensive way to collect art



The MMA Gift Shop features beautiful jewelry made from "Muskegon Jade," AKA foundry slag.

By Cynthia Price

There is still time to look through the 1300 postcards submitted by local artists to the Muskegon Museum of Art Postcard Salon and decide if any are worthy of purchase.

This is the thirteenth year the MMA has featured the informal-feeling event, which has the postcard size artwork on display until Feb. 7 (it started Jan. 24). That evening, following a 5:30 reception with light refreshments and a cash bar, viewers have the opportunity at 7:00 to buy a small piece of art by someone who may someday be famous for only $30. Museum members receive a 5 minute head start at 6:55.

There is also a chance to stop in at the wonderful MMA Gift Shop, which features beautiful jewelry fashioned by Julie Sanford Designs from “Muskegon Jade,” a byproduct of the steel smelting process. When Rob and Cathleen Dubault bought the home of Otto Seyferth (whose son, incidentally, was instrumental in starting the Norton-Lakeshore Examiner), the Dubaults had slag from Seyferth’s business, Westran, set as jewelry. They liked the result so well they asked the MMA Gift Shop to carry the merchandise.

So far as anyone knows, this type of slag is only found in Muskegon.

So, stop at the gift shop, buy your fill of the widely diverse postcard works – mini-paintings, 3D items popping out from the card, collages, needlepoint shapes strung together, and more – and then head over to G & L for a hot dog or tuna melt. G & L Greek Chili Dog eateries are the major sponsor of the Postcard Salon.