Girl scouts take on distracted driving


Left to right: Hannah Lorenz, Hope Shunta, Lillianah Baskin, Samantha Wezeman, and A.J. Schalk.

(Photo courtesy of Amanda Shunta)

After a presentation by RandiLynn Talsma concerning the death of her stepson Jason at the hands of someone who was distracted and failed to notice cars stopping for construction, the Junior Girl Scout Troop #4745 stepped up their Distracted Driving campaign. The girls came up with the idea for a push to bring awareness to the dangers all on their own as part of their Bronze award, and one of the results is this billboard near the Taco Bell on Henry Street (close to Summit).

Lamar Advertising donated the billboard to the project for free. The scouts are shown above the billboard design they developed themselves.

“I have been so blessed to work with them. They are inspiring!” said Amanda Shunta, troop leader and Hope’s mother on Facebook.

The girls, who took the initiative to do a lot of research as well, still have more great ideas to roll out - watch for them.