Letter to the Editor

I write to support the re-election of Brenda Moore, our outstanding Drain Commissioner. She has been in office for 7 years, first appointed and then re-elected twice.

The Drain Commissioner job is one that many citizens are unaware of and don’t understand. Broadly speaking, this position is extremely important in improving and maintaining good water quality in our county. The DC has jurisdiction over the county’s drains, many of which are creeks and streams in our own neighborhoods. Their proper cleanliness and flow dictate the quality of our water.

When Brenda Moore first took office, she faced decades of inactivity and many drains in disrepair. For example, in White River Township, Hancock Road collapsed near the Old Channel Golf Course due to a failed drain. It sat in disrepair for FIVE years until DC Moore formulated and implemented a repair plan in conjunction with the Road Commission.

Some folks become angry when their property is assessed for drain repairs. What many people don’t know is that Michigan’s unique drain law creates a situation in which the DC needs to raise funds to make the repairs. She has a budget that pays salary for her, her assistant and secretary. The repair funds must be raised through assessments. If we do not like this system, we need to ask the Michigan legislature to change it. Meantime, our sorry drains need attention to keep our waters healthy.

Brenda Moore came to the job with education in environmental management and years of experience doing the kind of work she does as Drain Commissioner.

She is doing excellent work for our county. I urge you to vote for her August 4.

Tracy Dobson
6635 Lau Road