Webinar discusses 'Software IP in Electric and Autonomous Vehicle Tech'

Dickinson Wright will present "Protecting Software Intellectual Property in Electric and Autonomous Vehicle Technologies" as a webinar on Wednesday, November 3, at noon.

Technical advancements, in both vehicle electrification and automation, are increasingly focused on software innovations, while the focus on hardware innovations appears to be somewhat diminished. Protecting intellectual property associated with software innovations can be a daunting and, sometimes, a confusing task. Many owners of software intellectual property believe that software intellectual property is not patentable or not practically enforceable.

In this webinar, Dickinson attorneys Robert Weiss, John Krieger, and Joe Pytel will explore the various mechanisms for protecting software intellectual property for vehicle electrification and automation technologies, including various pitfalls and best practices.

The discussion will focus on the following areas and how they relate to the protection of intellectual property associated with software innovations:
• Protecting Software - Algorithm protection vs. code protection (including a discussion on copyright protection and patent protection and further discussion on trade secret protection requirements and considerations presented by John Krieger)

  • Software Patentability threshold (e.g., 101)
  • Patents as a defensive mechanism against infringement claims
  • Patent disclosures as a mechanism for preventing others from securing rights
  • Software Infringement detection
  • Employee mobility considerations for Intellectual Property (e.g., keeping trade secret valid as employees leave the company)

The presentation is complimentary, but registration is required. To learn more or to register, visit: www.dickinson-wright.com/insight.