Mud Run shows who the real heroes are


by Cynthia Price

“DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO CALL YOURSELF A HERO?” asks the website for the HERO?Mud Run that took place last Saturday at the Muskegon County Fairgrounds.

For daughter Zyra and father Steve Gorecki, the answer is “Yes.”

The 15-year-old teen from Grant lost her leg in a car accident when she was 13, but she determined that she was not going to let that stop her – ever.

So she set out to conquer the obstacle course that is the HERO Mud Run, after doing another mud run in Grand Rapids last year. Just as impressive is the fact that her father decided to join her, forming a real team.

Says her mother, Barb, “She’s physically and mentally strong, and always says, I can do it! She puts her mind to it and she does it, and we don’t slow her down.

“I’m very proud of both of them. The whole family feels really good about the fact that she’s able to inspire other people.”

And Zyra is not alone. Another large group, Bring It-Push It-Own It came from Fort Wayne, Ind.  The non-profit exists to “build and strengthen resilience, coping skills and connectedness among the girls in our community age 9-18.” The HERO Mud Run helped them meet their goal.

It may come as a surprise to some, but the run is a for-profit enterprise, though it is also a labor of love. Owners Josh Mueller, Dave McGarey, and Eric Briggs hope more people come out in the future.

Regardless, the HERO Mud Run should be considered a huge success because of people like Zyra and Steve Gorecki.

Barb Gorecki comments, “I want to put a little book together about Zyra, so I’ve been writing down some tidbits. The other day I was looking through them and Zyra had said, ‘My parents needed a hero and I became her hero.’ So that’s kind of how we feel about it.”

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