Planet 3 offers the chance for some air time in cool comfort


One of the large empty buildings in the area at Sherman and US-31 that used to house Target and Circuit City is no longer empty.

It is full of fun.

Planet 3 opened June 9, offering visitors a large and attractive trampoline park for the “Ultimate Extreme Air Experience.” Part of a small chain (with one other location in Michigan, in Flint), Planet 3 offers air conditioning in summer along with the opportunity for all ages to play in a variety of ways.

In addition to many trampolines, there are pits of foam blocks to jump in, a variety of ceiling-hung items to use like playground monkey bars/trapezes, an obstacle course, and Extreme Dodgeball. The pricing starts at $11 for children 6 and under and $14 for anyone over that age for one hour.

Manager Deborah Howell says, “Everybody loves it. Once they jump, sometimes they return the next day.”

She adds, “I was the store manager of Toys R?Us, and as you know we closed, but I’m not worried about this closing. We’re not selling merchandise, we’re selling fun and you can’t get that on the Internet. You can’t get fitness on the Internet.”


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