Flint misses deadline in strip-search case

FLINT (AP) -- Lawyers are seeking about $8,000 in fees after finding that Flint police failed to train officers as part of a settlement of an illegal strip-search lawsuit.

Flint now has until early December to comply with the training after missing the first deadline by more than a year. The city wanted six more months, but federal Judge Stephen Murphy III recently said no.

Flint police were sued in 2007 after a raid on a club called Club What's Next. Customers were arrested and strip-searched as officers looked for drugs. Charges of visiting a disorderly house were filed against patrons but ultimately dismissed.

Flint agreed to pay $800,000 to settle the lawsuit. Genesee County paid $95,000, and Mount Morris Township paid $5,000.

Published: Mon, Nov 21, 2011