Jailed attorney free on bond; appeal planned

FLINT (AP) -- A Flint-area attorney is free on bond after being jailed for several days when a judge ruled that he made inappropriate comments in front of members of a jury.

The Flint Journal reports F. Anthony Lubkin was sentenced to 30 days in jail May 18 by Genesee County Circuit Court Judge Archie Hayman following the comments made as 14 jurors ate lunch at a restaurant. The judge ruled May 23 that Lubkin could be released, and bond was posted.

Lubkin's attorney Jill Schinske says she's reviewing the case and says there are "strong grounds for appeal."

The judge's law clerk claimed he heard Lubkin say "guilty" at the restaurant where court officials escorted jurors for lunch while on break from a murder trial.

Lubkin denied directing comments at jurors.

Published: Wed, Jun 6, 2012