Summit seeks to end bullying epidemic


 Thomas M. Cooley Law School and Oakland University hosted “Working Together to Stop School Violence: A Statewide Summit on Bullying” on Friday, June 7, at Cooley’s Auburn Hills campus.

The seminar focused on what can be done and what must be done to stop bullying and harassment in schools under “Matt’s Safe School Law,” which was signed into law by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder in Dec. 2011.

Among those taking part were (left to right) Oakland University Associate Professor of Literacy Dr. Gwendolyn Thompson McMillon; Cooley Law School Professor Monica Nuckolls; Kevin Epling, whose son, Matt—for whom the law is named—a freshman from East Lansing killed himself in 2002 after being bullied by an upperclassman; and Saginaw County 70th District Court Judge M.T. Thompson Jr.

“We’re here because this is an epidemic – it is a horrible problem that our young people are facing and dying from on a regular basis and something needs to be done about it,” Knuckolls stated.

“The purpose today is to educate people on Matt’s Safe School Law and the requirements and what they need to do to comply, to offer a program they can use to comply, and to simply let people know that this is a significant problem that needs to be addressed and can no longer be pushed off as ‘kids being kids.’”

Photo by John Meiu