Safety campaign to show number of road deaths

LANSING (AP) -- A new statewide safety campaign will display the number of traffic fatalities on Michigan roadways so far this year on electronic signs.

The Michigan Department of Transportation says its hopes motorists take note of the pilot project, which began last week and runs through November. The message will be displayed one day per month on signs along roads including interstates and highways.

MDOT says the number currently is 440. State Transportation Director Kirk T. Steudle says that's a "startling statistic."

The effort is using Dynamic Message Signs, which more typically are used to display construction information or road closings. MDOT says the message on the signs is a simple and inexpensive way MDOT can contribute to a "Toward Zero Deaths" effort.

MDOT says several other states post similar messages on signs.

Published: Mon, Jul 29, 2013