County boosts government options in the cloud

Oakland County will launch its G2G Marketplace today at the Michigan Government Information Management Sciences (MiGMIS) Fall Conference. The G2G Marketplace expands the offerings of Oakland County's G2G Cloud Solutions initiative. The G2G Marketplace is a catalog and service bureau modeled on the application store concept. The goal of the G2G Marketplace is to provide governments with an easy-to-use, cost-effective way to shop for, purchase and provision government technology services under pre-negotiated blanket purchase agreements and contracts.

"This is the next step in collaborating with other governments via the cloud," Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson said. "We are sharing our leading-edge technology in a way that makes it convenient and affordable for others. G2G Marketplace will give smaller governments an option to improve their services in a big but affordable way."

Also making its debut today will be Oakland County's CySAFE product which will be available on the G2G Marketplace. CySAFE stands for Cyber Security Assessment for Everyone. It will help government agencies assess how safe they are from hackers and intruders, identify weak points, and prioritize solutions available at the G2G Marketplace. Any government agency will be able to download CySAFE for free. Deputy County Executive and CIO Phil Bertolini and Chief Information Security Officer Chris Burrows will present both CySAFE and the G2G Marketplace to MiGMIS conference attendees.

"Because of the vision of our County Executive L. Brooks Patterson, Oakland County is riding the crest of the wave when it comes to government technology," Bertolini said. "The G2G Marketplace enables us to assist other governments who want to offer better services and save money through cost-effective technologies."

Key benefits of G2G Marketplace include:

- Eliminating budget hours to spend time investigating vendor products and services.

- Reducing costs associated with drafting complex contracts and agreements with vendors.

- Simplifying and significantly shortening the time to consume solutions and services.

- Combining the economies of scale from shared computing resources, best practices, policies, procedures, software and licensing, thereby reducing costs.

- Working together to leverage technology for mutual benefit, therefore reducing the overall cost of government operations.

- Improving scalability, redundancy and resiliency, often not available to governments due to lack of financial or technical resources.

To learn more about G2G Marketplace, go to

The MiGMIS Fall Conference runs Sept. 15-17 in Bellaire, Mich. This year's theme is "Riding the Next IT Wave." For more information, go to

Patterson announced the creation of G2G Cloud Solutions in his 2011 State of the County speech. It is an innovative offering to improve government services and reduce operational costs through shared technology. Oakland County, which is consistently ranked among the most digitally-advanced counties in the nation by the Center for Digital Government, created G2G Cloud Solutions to extend a helping hand to other governments looking for cost-effective enterprise technology solutions. G2G Cloud Solutions is the first government-supported cloud computing service that makes advanced enterprise technology solutions available to other governments at little to no cost. G2G Cloud Solutions with G2G meaning "government-to-government" positions Oakland County's many advanced technology applications in cyberspace. Go to to discover more.

Published: Mon, Sep 15, 2014