Voters Not Politicians to rally outside Michigan Hall of Justice

Volunteers, leadership, and partners of Voters Not Politicians, the nonpartisan, grassroots campaign to end gerrymandering by establishing an Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission, will gather Wednesday morning, July 18, at the Michigan Hall of Justice during the Supreme Court hearing on whether to keep the proposal to end partisan gerrymandering on the ballot.

The Michigan Court of Appeals issued an order saying a complaint by pro-gerrymandering supporters "Citizens Protecting the Michigan Constitution" was "without merit" and directed the board "to take the necessary steps to place the proposal on the ballot for the general election." The Michigan Supreme Court will hear CPMC's appeal of the Court of Appeals order.

Voters Not Politicians volunteers, supporters, and partners will be in the courtroom as well as outside of the Hall of Justice for a "Let the People Vote!" rally to encourage the Supreme Court to uphold the right of citizens to amend the state Constitution through the ballot initiative process, according to Katie Fahey, founder and executive director of the organization.

The campaign submitted more than 425,000 signatures collected by 5,000 volunteers in 110 days representing each of Michigan's 83 counties to the Bureau of Elections. The Board of State Canvassers voted 3-0 to certify the signatures and place the proposal on the November ballot.

A live stream of the rally will be available on the Voters Not Politicians Facebook Page.

Published: Wed, Jul 18, 2018