Forum to look at boosting economic development through tax incentives

Tax incentives to spark job development, long a hot button topic, will be under discussion at the next Public Policy Forum hosted by Michigan State University’s Institute for Public Policy and Social Research on Tuesday, October 19, at noon online.

“Tax incentives and job development are again in the news with the Ford Motor Co. announcement to build an $11.4 billion electric vehicle complex in Kentucky and Tennessee,” said Arnold Weinfeld, associate director of the Institute for Public Policy and Social Research (IPPSR.)

IPPSR is a campus center for policy education and research, political leadership development and training and survey research.

“Among the policy questions to be explored: would key development projects even be on the drawing board without subsidies to support them? Is it appropriate for government—rather than private industry—to step in and assure targeted private industry growth, whether or not we find ourselves battling COVID-19, a recession, or international business conditions depress more natural growth?” Weinfeld said.

“Is cash assistance, in the short-run, less costly than long-term tax breaks to specific business? Do nonprofit desires to help communities and citizens depress more than assure government effectiveness?”

October’s IPPSR Forum speakers are:

• Michael D. LaFaive, senior director, Morey Fiscal Policy Initiative, Mackinac Center for Public Policy.

• Tim Bartik, senior economist, Upjohn Institute for Employment Research

• Sarah Reckhow, associate professor, Graduate Program Director, American Politics, Public Policy, Department of Political Science, Michigan State University

The popular Public Policy Forum series invites a broad audience of decision makers and community members to explore critical, policy-relevant issues being discussed by state and regional leaders.

Registration is open now for the October 19 Public Policy Forum which is open to the public and free of charge.  To register, visit  Registrants will be emailed access information the day before the event.