Spirit Week-- Events honor employees, feature local goods

By Christine L. Mobley

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Adding a Michigan-made take onto its annual event, Trott & Trott PC partnered with REDICO Management to sponsor Trott Financial Center "Spirit Week."

Spirit Week aims to show the company's appreciation to its employees through featured daily events and activities. For more than a decade, Spirit Week has become a tradition taking place each year at the end of October.

"Spirit Week came as just an activity of team building within the organization and also to show employee appreciation and just building some team spirit," Peggy Krug, senior vice president of administration for Trott & Trott, explains.

A variety of activities took place throughout the week including team and individual competitions. Classic games such as Jenga, Operation, and telephone (where information is passed from one person to the next) were part of the fun, according to Krug. There were even special days such a "Puzzle Day" and a "Cider and Donut Day" that played a significant part in building camaraderie during Spirit Week.

New this year, a Local Food Fair showcasing Michigan products was the main event taking place on Thursday, Oct. 29. Michigan-made products were not only the focus of the fair they were also available for Trott Financial Center employees to sample and purchase.

The Local Food Fair of Spirit Week was coordinated by the Trott Financial Center Environmental Committee (E-Committee). This was the second event the E-Committee planned, the first was an Earth day event earlier this year.

"(The E-Committee) worked with Trott & Trott to do the food fair the week of Spirit Week to give it that much more awareness," E-Committee member Amanda Warner with REDICO noted.

By hosting the Food Fair, the E-Committee hoped to highlight the environmental and economic benefits of buying locally grown produce and regional products to Trott Financial Center employees.

And partnering with REDICO is not unfamiliar territory for Trott & Trott. The firm often teams up with its building manager as the largest tenant in Trott Financial Center, according to Krug.

"The Food Fair actually came from ideas for the E-Committee after Amanda and I worked on recycling together," Kendra Komp, a title specialist with Trott & Trott and member of the E-Committee, says. "We wanted to raise awareness about the importance of buying local produce."

"When Amanda brought the idea to me, it just seemed like a natural fit to fill it in with Spirit Week and bring it in as another activity that the employees could participate in and also the spirit of Michigan - kind of drawing all that together seemed like a good fit," Krug says.

Among the vendors who participated in this year's food fair were Green Toe Gardens, King Coffee & Tea Service Corp., Green Barn Llama Farm, Naturally Nutty, Breadsmith, A little Dip will do ya, Al Dente Pasta, DeYoung's Fore Seasons, Ripe Catering, Inn Season Cafe, EdibleWOW, Calder Dairy, and Royal Oak Recycling.

Employees were able to learn more about Michigan products from resources that were provided and through vendor communications.

The overall consensus was that the Local Food Fair was a huge success and Trott Financial Center hopes to make it bigger and better for next year in conjunction with Spirit Week.

Employees at Trott Financial Center often look forward to enjoying Spirit Week each year and earning "bragging rights" for games won.

"We try to make events and games fun and focus together on working as a team," Krug explains. "We're trying to give everybody the opportunity to have a good time and have some fun."

Food Fair Vendors' Web sites

Al Dente Pasta www.aldentepasta.com

A little dip will do ya www.alittledipwilldoya.com

Breadsmith www.breadsmith.com

Calder Dairy www.calderdairy.com

DeYoung's Fore Seasons www.deyoungsforeseasons.com

Green Barn Llama Farm www.greenbarnllamafarm.com

Green Toe Gardens www.greentoegardens.com

Inn Season Cafe www.theinnseasoncafe.com

King Coffee & Tea Services www.kingcoffee.net

Naturally Nutty www.naturallynutty.com

Royal Oak Recycling www.royaloakrecycling.com

EdibleWOW www.ediblecommunities.com/wow

For information on buying locally












Food fair hosted by REDICO and Trott & Trott, P.C.

Published: Wed, Nov 18, 2009


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