Helmet Safety Campaign celebrates 12th year

In 1999 the members of the Michigan Association for Justice (MAJ) were searching for a way to reach out to communities all over Michigan and help reduce accidents and increase safety for children; a project that would not only reduce in children's' injuries immediately but continue to do so over time.

So began the MAJ Helmet Safety Campaign.

Now, 12 years later, the MAJ Helmet Safety Campaign is the most successful project of its kind in the state.

On Saturday, May 22, the law firm of Goodwin & Scieszka will host the local MAJ Helmet Safety Campaign in Birmingham.

In addition to fitting more than 18,000 helmets to kids all over the state, MAJ has helped educate tens of thousands of children and their families on the importance of safety helmets, worked with more than 200 other groups to distribute smoke alarms, child fingerprinting kits, trigger locks and other family safety items, and trained thousands of kids regarding bike safety through the MAJ Bike Safety Rodeos.

MAJ's Helmet Safety Campaign has worked with groups including the Boy Scouts of America, the Macomb Department of Public Safety, Boys and Girls Clubs, ACCESS, working with Camp Tuhsmeheta ("Camp T," to friends) to provide bike helmets for its Opportunities for the Blind annual "Tandem Bike Weekend" for kids, the Call of the Wild museum, Children's Hospital, and dozens more.

The MAJ Helmet Safety Campaign has received accolades from around the state, including Special Tributes from Governor Jennifer Granholm and the 92nd and 93rd Legislatures, as well as some individual lawmakers, declarations from the Mayors of Pontiac, Lansing and Gladstone, and an annual Public Service Award from the Crime Prevention Association of Michigan.

"The trial bar is in the business of helping people and preventing injuries," explained MAJ President Richard Warsh. "So preventing injuries through our Helmet Safety Campaign is a perfect fit for us."

For additional information on the MAJ Helmet Safety Campaign, visit www.michiganjustice.org/

Published: Thu, May 6, 2010