Supreme Court designates July as 'Juror Appreciation Month'

July 2010 has been designated "Juror Appreciation Month" by the Michigan Supreme Court to thank those who answer the call to jury service.

Chief Justice Marilyn Kelly said that the Supreme Court chose July, the month in which Americans celebrate independence, to honor jurors and encourage jury service.

"The right to trial by jury is one of the fundamental components of the American and Michigan justice systems," said Kelly. "Jury service is one of the basic responsibilities of citizenship, and is essential to a democracy that abides by the rule of law."

Kelly added, "Juror Appreciation Month is a way for judges, court staff, attorneys, and others who work in the justice system to recognize the sacrifices that jurors make. Jurors certainly deserve our thanks for the sacrifices that they, and their employers and families, make when they take time away from work, family life, and other priorities to report for jury duty."

In a resolution designating July as Juror Appreciation Month, the court said that "the obligation and privilege to serve as a juror are as fundamental to our democracy as the right to vote."

A number of trial courts are participating in Juror Appreciation Month, with many distributing bookmarks and other commemorative items to express their thanks to jurors.

Information about jury service, including a public service announcement by the chief justice, can be found at Visitors to the Michigan Supreme Court Learning Center website can also play an online game to test their knowledge about jury service at

Published: Mon, Jul 5, 2010