Firm helps with the Kalamazoo River wildlife cleanup-- Bloomfield Hills Law Firm Joins Forces with AKT Peerless and Albion College


Responding to requests for donations, Brian Considine, an attorney with Dawda Mann's Environment, Energy and Sustainability practice group, recently delivered a van load of supplies to a nonprofit relief organization that is assisting with the cleanup of wildlife impacted by the oil pipeline spill. The supplies included towels, sheets, blankets, rubber gloves, dishwashing detergents, vegetable oil, tyvek suits, garbage bags, water and energy bars. These items were collected and donated in a group effort that was coordinated by Dawda Mann, AKT Peerless and Albion College.

"The members of our environmental practice group are familiar with the impacts that crude oil has on natural resources when released in massive quantities like the spill near Marshall ," Considine said. "We appreciated the local communities' requests for assistance and wanted to help out."

After dropping off the supplies, Considine experienced first-hand the devastation that the oil spill has had on the area. "As soon as I opened the door of my car I was hit with a very strong odor of oil in the air. I can imagine the stress this has put on the residents near the river," Considine said after visiting a stretch of the river a few miles downstream from the spill.

"The banks of the river were coated with the thick tarry oil and there was a prominent visible sheen of oil on the surface of the water." Several wildlife rescue groups are still accepting donations. Information can be obtained on Facebook at Kalamazoo River Oil Spill Donation Center.

Published: Tue, Aug 10, 2010