Jenkins and SBM Delegation to tour Upper Peninsula

The new president of the State Bar of Michigan, W. Anthony Jenkins, will lead a contingent of SBM leaders on a tour of the Upper Peninsula legal community today through Wednesday, Oct. 11-13.

The annual tour gives U.P. bar associations, the media, and the public an opportunity to meet the person leading the State Bar during its 76th year. The tour will include stops in Sault Ste. Marie, Escanaba, Menominee, Iron Mountain, Ironwood, Houghton/Hancock, and Marquette.

Jenkins, who was sworn in as SBM president Sept. 30 in Grand Rapids, is a partner and chief diversity officer at Dickinson Wright PLLC, where he focuses on corporate and public finance and real estate law. He is a nationally recognized expert in the certification of minority-owned businesses and the structuring and documentation of joint ventures with such companies, and served voluntarily for over 10 years on the Michigan Minority Business Development Council. Jenkins is a current member of the American Bar Association's Federal Judiciary Committee, a group that provides peer reviews to the president of the United States on his nominations to the district, circuit, and U.S. Supreme courts.

As the leader of the State Bar -- an organization of over 41,000 members, Jenkins will continue to work to improve the administration of justice, promote the legal profession, and build public understanding of our legal system.

Jenkins will be accompanied on the tour by the newly elected State Bar Representative Assembly Chair, Victoria A. Radke. She is a private practitioner in Escanaba, Michigan, where she concentrates on family law and criminal defense. She worked briefly for the City of Detroit before accepting a position as the staff attorney for the Delta County Friend of the Court in 1988, where she remained for 15 years before starting her own law practice.

Other members of the SBM delegation are SBM Commissioner Jim Erhart and SBM Director of External Development Candace Crowley.

Published: Mon, Oct 11, 2010