DNA used to link ex-con to local church B&E

FARMINGTON HILLS (AP) -- Authorities say they've used DNA evidence to link a recently released Michigan state prisoner to a two-year-old church break-in.

Police in Farmington Hills arrested 20-year-old Shane M. Bernard last week and learned he was wanted in connection with a Jan. 17, 2011, burglary at Waterford Oaks Community Church in Waterford.

Waterford police say a thief used a brick to smash a sliding glass door, then ransacked the church's offices, taking $80 in cash and vandalizing an empty safe.

In October, police say they matched DNA evidence from the church to Bernard, who was serving time for another crime.

He left prison in November and disappeared. The Oakland Press in Pontiac says Farmington Hills police picked him up on another matter and learned of the church break-in case.

Published: Thu, Jan 27, 2011