Berkley cop's 'distressing' Facebook page reviewed

BERKLEY (AP) -- Berkley officials have launched an investigation into a police officer's personal Facebook page that included pictures of officers' faces pasted on bodies of cowboys and scantily clad men

Public Safety Director Richard Eshman tells The Oakland Press of Pontiac that he immediately asked the officer to take down the page dubbed "Squad IV Regulators." Eshman said the unidentified officer was not the person who altered the photos.

Attorney Randall Cain said he discovered the page while doing research for a client arrested by the officer. He said the site is "beyond unprofessional" and includes the phrase: "Some chased. Some hunted. Some apprehended. All regulated."

Berkley City Manager Jane Bais-DiSessa said the discovery is "very distressing." She said city employees must get permission before posting any references to the city.

Published: Fri, Jan 21, 2011