Commissioner to introduce election reform resolution

Newly appointed Oakland County Commissioner Robert Hoffman, (R-the Village of Holly, and the townships of Highland, Holly, Rose and Springfield), will introduce his first resolution that calls for the Michigan Legislature to end special elections, as required by the Michigan Public Act 261 of 1966 Section 46.412 Vacancy in Office of Commissioner; Appointment; Special Election Law.

He will present his resolution before the full Board at the Oakland County Board of Commissioners' meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 9, at 7 p.m. in the Board of Commissioners Auditorium located at 1200 North Telegraph Road in Pontiac.

The current law requires that county commission vacancies be filled with appointments and special elections in odd numbered years of a term at the expense of each local community.

Hoffman stated "I am seeking a sensible solution to this costly measure when filling commissioner vacancies. As a newly appointed official, it is time that we change this law to make it consistent with the Michigan Election Law for filling other state elected office vacancies which does not require special elections and eliminate this unforeseen burden being imposed on local communities across the county and state."

The Michigan Election Law Act of 1954 requires that vacancies in the offices of elected bodies, such as countywide, township, city and school board offices shall be filled by an appointee who serves until the next general election.

According to the Oakland County Clerk and Register of Deeds Election Office, the upcoming Special Commission Election in District #2 will cost $44,000 for the May 3rd Primary and $42,000 for the August 2nd General Election.

Published: Wed, Feb 9, 2011