CYBERSPACE SIGHTING: Judgment Marketplace announces national launch

In the heart of New York City on 7th Avenue on March 3, Shawn Porat and Joseph Nierman announced the launch of their website Judgment Marketplace will provide the first free and secure platform for virtually any person or company to buy/sell/trade civil judgments. The site will cater to individuals who may have one judgment and corporations selling portfolios of thousands of judgments.

"Judgment Marketplace was created to revolutionize the post-judgment world. Over 80% of all judgments in the United States are unsatisfied and most people and businesses do not have additional options to use and simply forget the judgment existed under a stack of paper. At no cost, judgment holders, judgment buyers, investors and more will be able to utilize Judgment Marketplace and everything it has to offer. We are excited that we have also introduced the term judgment trade into the industry" said Porat.

"In today's tough economic environment, everybody is looking to squeeze as much as they can from their assets. Many, if not most judgment creditors grow frustrated with the fact that they have an asset that can be difficult to turn into cash. provides an arena for judgment creditors to take something from their judgment. We present a forum where people can buy the rights to execute a judgment as an investment. Alternatively, they have the option of trading their judgments for other judgments which may be easier for you to collect." added Nierman.

"Thousands of people throughout the United States search everyday for a place to sell their judgment and are unsuccessful. We are happy to finally put that to an end and provide the solution."

Published: Wed, Mar 30, 2011