Mich.-specific markings on bottles don't violate law, says federal judge

GRAND RAPIDS (AP) -- A judge says forcing businesses to place Michigan-specific markings on returnable cans and bottles doesn't violate federal law.

The American Beverage Association had challenged the state's bottle-deposit law, arguing that compelling bottlers to put markings specific to Michigan on certain returnables unfairly limits interstate commerce. The ABA says making bottlers create a product that can only be sold in Michigan is a costly, illegal burden.

The group requested a summary judgment in its favor, which Grand Rapids-based U.S. District Judge Gordon Quist rejected in a 26-page ruling released Tuesday.

The state says the ABA's lawsuit should fail because its members participated in the legislative process.

Michigan has the highest bottle deposit in the country at 10 cents.

Published: Thu, Jun 2, 2011


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