Lawyers, judges participate in Cooley ethics 'roundtable'


By Frank Weir

Legal News

Cooley Law School Ann Arbor continued its tradition of inviting local lawyers and judges to mentor incoming law students about ethics and professionalism issues.

On Tuesday of this week, 48 local lawyers and judges attended the The Thomas M. Cooley Law School Professionalism in Action Roundtable.

Attendees also included State Bar President Elect, Julie I. Fershtman.

According to Betty Widgeon, assistant director for the Center for Ethics Service and Professionalism at the Ann Arbor campus, "the Roundtable is an exceptionally valuable experience for students. Among other things, it helps lead new law students in discussions of real-life ethical dilemmas that lawyers and law students face and impresses upon them the integral relationship between ethics and success in practice.

"It is not by accident that we begin to teach students these principles before they ever set foot in a classroom to learn about torts, or criminal law, or property."

The program consisted of eight students per table along with two local legal practitioners or judges analyzing and discussing several ethical and professional problems. The problems were supplied in advance.

"Experience has shown that students are eager in their participation. They consistently tell us that the Roundtable is the capstone of their orientation experience and they are grateful for the time and participation that local lawyers and judges contribute to the program," Widgeon said.

"We believe that there is no better start for a law student than to spend an afternoon learning from members of our local legal community," she concluded.

Published: Thu, Sep 8, 2011