Weir departs: 'Thanks for the memories'

By Frank Weir
Legal News

Its been a great several years here and I want to thank everyone as I head off to retirement.

The interviews, photo opportunities, WCBA events, have all been fun. And who can forget the Annual Bar Revue and Silent Auction? 

I hope my filmed contributions are not being stored somewhere coming back to haunt me but knowing Greg Dodd and John Reiser, I’m afraid they are.

And the now-annual John and Robin’s Rockin’ Christmas Party has been a welcome addition to the legal calendar.

I regret not getting a photo of all the donations at the end of this year’s party. Tables overflowed with toys as well as food items and Humane Society contributions. It was a huge success.

I hope all of you have enjoyed the coverage as much as I have in producing it.

Make sure to greet my replacement Jo Mathis and make her feel as comfortable and welcomed as you did me, those several years ago.