'Death of a Law Firm' book provides a wakeup call for the legal sector

 Some law firms might be only steps away from collapse and are totally unaware of their pending and dire situation.

A release from the American Bar Association, “Death of a Law Firm: Staying Strong in the Global Legal Market” raises that warning while challenging the prevailing business model for national law firms.

The thought-provoking book by Jaap Bosman, a leading strategy consultant and investor, carefully explores the changes unfolding in the legal profession, and explains in detail how the increasing commoditization, partner mobility and the way partners interact and make decisions is creating a toxic if not lethal environment for the legal sector.

“‘Death of a Law Firm’ is full of important insights about major law firms today — their strengths, weaknesses and eccentricities,” said James R. Silkenat, a New York lawyer and former ABA president. “The author knows this world in complete detail and pulls no punches in his analysis of critical business and organizational issues. This is a book not to be missed.”

Bosman has the reputation as one of the world’s thought leaders on the business of law. Founder of TGO Consulting, which operates from New York, The Hague and Hong Kong, Bosman received in 2013 the inaugural Financial Times Innovative Lawyers Award for International Strategy and is a winner of the Thomson Reuters Excellence in Legal Marketing Award. Co-writer Lisa Hakanson is a well-known strategy consultant and business analyst who has worked internationally both as in-house counsel and in law firms.