DRI offers webinar on drafting and effectively using amicus briefs

DRI-The Voice of the Defense Bar is offering a new webinar entitled "Friendly Persuasion: Drafting and Using High-Impact Amicus Briefs." The webinar is conducted by Lawrence Ebner, chair of the Amicus Committee of DRI's Center for Law and Public Policy. DRI's vaunted amicus program was once cited in the New York Times as the sixth largest of more than 1,600 entities submitting briefs to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Preparation and use of amicus curiae (friend of the court) briefs are an important part of appellate practice in federal and state courts. They give individual corporations, trade associations, professional groups, and other organizations a voiceâ??a direct line of communication to appellate courtsâ??on the significance, practical impacts, policy implications, and merits of important legal issues. This webinar will cover the strategic use of amicus briefs, the rules governing their preparation and submission, and amicus brief style and content. In-house counsel and outside attorneys who manage or handle appeals and may want to solicit amicus support, as well as attorneys who are engaged to draft (or would like to be engaged to draft) amicus briefs, will benefit from the webinar.

Participants will:

- Learn about the increasingly significant role that amicus briefs play in the U.S. Supreme Court, federal courts of appeals, and state appellate courts

- Know whether, when, how, and from whom to solicit amicus support if they are representing a client in a federal or state appeal,

- Gain an understanding of amicus rules and procedures in the U.S. Supreme Court and other appellate courts

- Benefit from practical guidance on the scope, content, and style of amicus briefs, both at the review petition and merits stages of an appeal

- Interact strategically with the office of the Solicitor General or other government lawyers when the United States or a State participates as amicus curiae (either for or against a client) in a pending appeal.

Those interested can purchase the webinar by going to https:// digitell.dri.org/dri/sessions/781/ view.

Published: Wed, Aug 08, 2018


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