Supreme Court nominee lampooned with burger

By Kimberly Atkins

The Daily Record Newswire

Harvard Law School students may no longer have Elena Kagan as a dean, but they can now have her on a plate.

Recently, "Mr. Bartley's Gourmet Burgers," a storied Cambridge, Mass., haunt located just across Massachusetts Avenue from Harvard Yard, unveiled it's latest creation: the "Elena Kagan Burger."

''It has a liberal amount of salsa, grilled pineapple, because of the Obama connection - she's cozy with Barack and he's from Hawaii - and it comes with onion rings,'' said Billy Bartley, general manager of the burger joint known for naming dishes after politicians, sports figures and other famous subjects.

But if you think the namesake burger was created to honor the former Harvard Law School dean, think again.

Bartley said the move was, in part, a political statement.

''I thought the coziness [between] her and Barack was inappropriate, but what do I know?'' Bartley explained to the Boston Globe.

"I thought a Supreme Court justice should be further from the president than she is.''

The burger's menu description shows that the sandwich wasn't exactly created with love for the nominee.

''Experience??? 'Don't ask, don't tell','' the menu reads, according to the Harvard Crimson. It presumably refers both to the fact that Kagan has never been a judge, and to her stance on the military's policy on gays.

But Bartley revealed another motivation behind the burger and it's about as American as it gets.

''For the attention, so I can make money,'' Bartley told the Globe.

Published: Thu, Jun 3, 2010