State Supreme Court email notification keeps lawyers up to date

Updates on court rule changes, proposed court rules, and other administrative actions of the Michigan Supreme Court are now available via a free listserv that sends subscribers Supreme Court orders relating to administrative matters.

"This valuable service will help to make our administrative function more transparent and accessible to the public," said Chief Justice Marilyn Kelly.

She noted that the court already holds its administrative conferences in public, and also holds public hearings where interested persons can address the court on proposed court rule changes and other administrative issues.

Supreme Court Administrative Counsel Anne Boomer explained that the listserv includes proposed or final court rule amendments, as well as orders of appointment, administrative orders, and other administrative matters.

"I am confident that this form of communication will make it easier and faster to stay informed about the court's administrative work," she said.

To subscribe, send an e-mail to: with the following exact phrase in the message body: Subscribe ADMMATTERS.

Instructions for subscribers are also available at

The listserv is operated and maintained by the State of Michigan's Department of Information Technology.

Published: Thu, Jun 3, 2010