Indiana Supreme Court to 'Tweet' big news items

The Indiana Supreme Court has announced that it will use the social media site Twitter to share news about court-related events and new rulings.

The 140-character microblogging site may seem like an unusual way for the court to communicate, but "[s]ocial media is changing the way people receive information," Chief Judge Randall T. Shepard said in a statement.

"Using new media will allow us to ensure the press and the public can follow the work of the Judicial Branch."

In addition to the Twitter page, the court's expanded communication plan includes other forms of new media, including RSS feeds for the Indiana Court Times (a magazine focusing on the Judicial Branch), the Indiana Judicial Center legislative blog, which features summaries of bills of interest to the judiciary and other sites, and a court YouTube channel, which offers videos about court programs.

Tweets will cover new rulings, transfer grants and denials, and press events, as well as links to certain court documents.

Published: Thu, Jul 1, 2010