Blood, sweat and tears characterize Annual Lawyers vs. Judges Softball Game


By Frank Weir

Legal News

Blood: Guy Conti's knee got scraped; Sweat: it was HOT; Tears: Guy Conti's knee got scraped.

Although it had already been postponed once, and the make-up date turned out to be one of the hottest so far this summer, the WLAM Washtenaw Region Lawyers versus Judges Softball Game went off without a hitch on Wednesday last week.

On the right, the lawyers coach, Elizabeth Jolliffe, took it upon herself to query the umpire, Judge Donald Shelton, as to his capability of discerning whether the ball was pitched "high" or in the "strike zone."

Michigan Court of Appeals Judge Douglas Shapiro, on the right, stood by in case an emergency appellate adjudication was called for. Thankfully, it wasn't.

Below, an aggressive Georgette David mixed it up with second baseman Mark Jane as they both looked to the ump in the photo at far right for his decision. SEE MORE PHOTOS ON PAGE 2.

--Legal News Photos by Frank Weir

Published: Thu, Jul 15, 2010