Tax evasion-- SCOTUS: No Supreme relief for Wesley Snipes

The Daily Record Newswire

On Monday, the Supreme Court handed out victories for securities class action plaintiffs, lawyers seeking attorney fees, prosecutors seeking ACCA-boosted sentences for defendants, and companies seeking co-ownership of federal patents.

But the Court had no such love for Wesley Snipes, who sought to have the Court review his conviction for failing to file tax returns. Snipes reportedly paid no income tax on $40 million he earned over a six-year period.

The actor, who is serving a 36-month prison term, wanted the justices to review his claim that his civil rights has been violated because he was denied an evidentiary hearing to explain why he should be tried in New York, where he claimed he lived, rather than in Florida, where he was licensed to drive, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Without comment, the Court declined the ''Blade'' actor's request.

Published: Thu, Jun 9, 2011