New leaders, award winners recognized at annual meeting


 The Oakland County Bar Association (OCBA) announced its leadership for the upcoming year during its 80th Annual Meeting on Wednesday, June 11, at Shenandoah Country Club in West Bloomfield. 

The formal program included recognition of outgoing OCBA President James G. Derian of Delphi Automotive Systems and administration of the oath by Oakland County Circuit Court Chief Judge Nanci J. Grant to incoming OCBA President Thomas H. Howlett of The Googasian Firm. 

Joining Howlett on the 2014-2015 OCBA Executive Board are:

• President-Elect — David Carl Anderson of David Carl Anderson.  

• Vice President — David C. Anderson of Collins Einhorn Farrell. 

• Treasurer — Victoria A. Valentine of Valentine & Associates (re-elected incumbent).

• Secretary — Gerald J. Gleeson II of Miller, Canfield, Paddock, and Stone (re-elected incumbent who moves up from Board of Directors).

In addition, the OCBA announced two newly elected members and two re-elected incumbents to the 2014-2015 OCBA Board of Directors:

• Melinda N. Deel of Melinda N. Deel.

• Karen H. Safran of Carson Fischer.

• Michael K. Lee of Lee & Correll  (re-elected incumbent).

• Daniel D. Quick of Dickinson Wright (re-elected incumbent).

The following members of the OCBA Board are serving continuing terms: James J. Parks of Jaffe, Raitt, Heuer, & Weiss; Maureen M. McGinnis of Donald E. McGinnis Jr.; Keefe A. Brooks of Brooks, Wilkins, Sharkey, & Turco; Kaveh Kashef of Clark Hill; Oakland County 50th District Court Judge Cynthia T. Walker; and Elizabeth L. Luckenbach of Jaffe, Raitt, Heuer, & Weiss. 

The OCBA’s 80th Annual Meeting also served as a venue to recognize award recipients for various distinctions of service during the past year.

The Distinguished Service Award, the OCBA’s most prestigious annual award, recognizes superior dedication to the OCBA, the legal community and the general public. This year’s recipients were: 

• Gerald A. Fisher of Thomas M. Cooley Law School.

• Elizabeth L. Luckenbach of Jaffe, Raitt, Heuer, & Weiss.

• James M. Reid IV of Maddin, Hauser, Roth, and Heller.

The Distinguished Public Servant Award honors those employed in the public sector who have made outstanding contributions to the OCBA. The award recipients this year were: 

• Oakland County Circuit Court Judge James M. Alexander.

• Oakland County 50th District Court Judge Cynthia Thomas Walker.

William P. Hampton of Secrest Wardle was presented the Distinguished Career Achievement Award. This award is given to an attorney who is no longer practicing, but whose active career exemplified extraordinary achievements in the ideals of the profession, including competence, civility, professionalism, and service to the community and to fellow lawyers.

The Frances R. Avadenka Memorial Award was given to Daniel D. Quick of Dickinson Wright in recognition of his significant contributions to the community outside the legal profession. 

Common Ground received the Allene and Martin Doctoroff Liberty Bell Award, which honors those who stimulate a deeper sense of individual responsibility to the end that citizens recognize their duties and rights. 

OCBA awarded its Committee of the Year designation to the PALS (Providing Access to Legal Services) committee, chaired by Mona K. Jabr and vice-chaired by Amanda Page. 

Pro Bono Awards were presented by FLAP (Family Law Assistance Project) to Pitler Family Law & Mediation PC attorneys Randy Pitler and Brenda Murphy for their volunteer service in family law matters; and by the Legal Aid and Defender Association, which recognized Thomas J. Guyer of Guyer Rose PLLC for his volunteer service, particularly in landlord/tenant cases.

In addition, 47 OCBA members were honored as they marked their 40th year as practicing attorneys which included:

Eric A. Andrzejak

Larry D. Barnett

Retired Judge Thomas W. Brookover

John P. Charters

Raymond R. Comiskey Jr.

Timothy J. Doyle

Gene J. Esshaki

Thomas H. Finnerty

Timothy T. Fryhoff

Mark J. Glazer

Marc A. Goldman

Thomas J. Guyer

James W. Heckman

Michael S. Hohauser

Jonathan M. Jaffa

James C. Klemanski

Oakland County 52-1 District Court Judge Brian W. MacKenzie

J. Michael Malloy III

Ralph K. Mayers

Thomas G. McAskin

James T. Mellon

A. Russell Messina

John R. Monnich

Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Rudy J. Nichols

James M. O’Reilly

Mark S. Papazian

Chris M. Parfitt

Paul E. Pedersen

Michael L. Pitt

Gerald F. Posner

Matthew C. Quinn

Thomas B. Radom

Lawrence F. Raniszeski

Frank K. Rhodes III

Ralph R. Safford

Bruce J. Sage

Rex E. Schlaybaugh Jr.

Richard M. Selik

Jeffrey T. Stewart

Ronald P. Strote

Thomas J. Tallerico

Charles J. Taunt

Robert P. Ufer

Eric S. Wilson

Randolph M. Wright

Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Joan E. Young

Dennis Zamplas