Bench/Bar Conference conducted


PHOTO #1: The Oakland County Bar Association (OCBA) hosted the 2018 District Court Bench/Bar Conference on Friday, April 13, at Orchard Lake Country Club. Among those taking part in the conference were (left to right) Benton Martin with Legal Aid and Defender Association, Federal Defender Office; Victoria King with Oakland County Circuit Court; OCBA President Gerald J. Gleeson II with Miller, Canfield, Paddock, & Stone PLC; Kari Melkonian with Collins, Einhorn, Farrell PC; Randy Secontine with Law Office of J. Randall Secontine PLLC; and Oakland County 52-1 District Court Judge David Law.  This biennial tradition offers an opportunity for local attorneys and judges to interact outside the courtroom in a casual, discussion-oriented environment.  Some topics covered “Connected Vehicles Solutions: Implications for District Courts in the 21st Century,” “Search and Seizure: A Constitutional Update,” “Covenant Cases: Where Are We Now?” and more.   (Photo by John Meiu)

PHOTO #2: During the conference, Michigan Supreme Court Justices Kurtis T. Wilder (third from left), Elizabeth T. Clement (third from right), and Brian K. Zahra (second from right) participated in a session titled “A View From the Bench.” On hand to welcome the justices to the event were (left to right) OCBA President Gerald J. Gleeson II, Oakland County 52-1 District Court Judge David Law, and J. Randall Secontine.   (Photo by Kristen Dimich, courtesy of OCBA)