Bowling challenge planned for March 5

Thunderbird Lanes in Troy will be the site of the fifth annual bowling challenge pitting the New Lawyers Committee (NCL) against the Oakland County Bar Association (OCBA) Board of Directors on Friday, March 5.

The event will begin at 6 p.m. with a portion of the proceeds designated for the NLC's charity of choice, the Oak Park Business and Education Alliance.

The OCBA Board prevailed in last year's challenge and revenge is on the mind of the New Lawyers, according to NCL Chair Maureen McGinnis. The contest, she said in an open letter to the OCBA Board, will serve as an "epic struggle to determine whether youth and skill can prevail over old age and treachery." According to McGinnis, "perhaps the latter won out last year, but this year, the NLC 'Sharks that Strike' are ready to reclaim the trophy that is rightfully ours."

The cost is $25 per person, $10 of which will benefit the Oak Park Business and Education Alliance. Thunderbird Lanes is located at 400 W. Maple in Troy. For additional information, visit

Published: Thu, Feb 11, 2010