In Meijer case, court to review prosecutor's power

TRAVERSE CITY (AP) -- The Michigan Supreme Court has agreed to decide whether county prosecutors can investigate violations of state campaign-finance law.

The Grand Traverse County prosecutor wants to investigate Meijer Inc.'s financial role in a 2007 effort to recall elected officials who objected to a store in Acme Township.

More than two years ago, Grand Rapids-based Meijer agreed to a $190,000 civil settlement with the state for its actions in the recall effort and a 2005 election on big-box stores in Acme.

The question for the state Supreme Court is whether prosecutor Alan Schneider has the authority to investigate campaign misdemeanors. The court also could consider whether the 2008 settlement closes the case.

The state appeals court ruled in the prosecutor's favor last year.

Published: Thu, Jul 8, 2010