Suspect in 41-year-old murder fights extradition

PONTIAC (AP) -- A convicted murderer is fighting Oakland County's efforts to return him to Michigan on a charge related to a 41-year-old slaying.

Prosecutor Jessica Cooper said Tuesday that 67-year-old Nolan Ray George won't willingly leave an Ohio jail to face a first-degree murder warrant in the 1968 death of Gwendolyn Perry.

The 22-year-old Perry was strangled with pantyhose in Pontiac.

George is being held in the Butler County Jail outside Cincinnati.

Cooper said she will seek a governor's warrant for George's return.

George spent a dozen years in Michigan prisons after a second-degree murder conviction in the 1968 death of a Lake Orion woman.

After his Michigan prison release, George relocated to Ohio where he was convicted of manslaughter in the 1982 death of another woman.

Published: Thu, Jul 22, 2010