Honors Convocation Ceremony celebrates student achievement, alumni support

For a large number of Wayne State University Law School students, the 2010 Honors Convocation Ceremony provided an opportunity to be recognized for their accomplishments with merit awards and academic scholarships. It also gave some of them the chance to meet their scholarship donors in person.

Students, alumni, family and friends met for the annual ceremony on Nov. 18 in Wayne Law's Spencer M. Partrich Auditorium. A large number of former and current faculty members, alumni and law firms funded more than 75 scholarships, fellowships, awards and prizes. Student recipients are chosen based on academic success, involvement in Law School and community activities, financial need or interest in a specific career.

One Law School scholarship is the Michael L. ('74) and Peggy Goldberg Pitt Endowed Award, which provides financial assistance and special services to law students with physical disabilities.

The 2010 recipients of the Pitt Endowed Award include Chaya Gourarie, Rebecca McNulty, and Sridevi Peravali.

"I really appreciate being awarded with the Pitt Endowed Scholarship all three years of law school," Peravali said. "The scholarship helped me reduce some of the financial pressures and motivated me in my studies even though I have a disability."

McNulty echoed those sentiments: "I'm very grateful to the Pitt family for providing me with this opportunity. It will help me pursue my interests in helping people with disabilities through the legal system after I graduate."

According to Pitt, a founding member of Pitt, McGehee, Palmer, Rivers, and Golden PC, helping students via the scholarship was an easy decision.

"My Wayne Law education helped prepare me for a career in employment law and civil rights litigation," Pitt said. "I am thankful for that and want to do my part in helping future generations succeed in this profession with as minimal debt as possible upon graduation."

"On behalf of Wayne Law, I would like to thank all of our remarkable alumni and friends--such as Michael Pitt and Peggy Goldberg Pitt--who help make this ceremony possible every year," said Wayne Law Dean Robert M. Ackerman. "It is through their efforts that our students are offered this annual recognition and support, allowing them to focus more on studies and less on debt while students at Wayne Law."

For more information on how to support Wayne Law students through scholarships, contact Development Officer Michael Silverstein in the Development and Alumni Relations Office at silverstein@wayne.edu or (313) 577-9238.

Published: Mon, Jan 24, 2011