Duly Noted

NALS of West Michigan installs officers, gives awards

NALS of West Michigan installed 2013-2014 officers and presented awards at its Annual Awards Night on April 11. Ms. Sandy Lavender, CHRS, 2011-2012 NALS of Michigan President, 2013-2014 NALS Region 3 Director of Clark Hill, Detroit, conducted the installation ceremony.


President – Wil Antonides
Vice President – Cheryl Zorn, Michigan Court of Appeals
Secretary – Karen Banks, Banks Reporting
Treasurer – Suzie Christensen, Great Lakes Shorthand
Director – Carolyn Field, Warner Norcross & Judd LLP
Parliamentarian – Lynn Philp, Warner Norcross & Judd LLP


PP (Professional Paralegal) certification: Jamie Mosqueda, Priority Health
The PP exam is a four-hour exam consisting of approximately 25 areas of substantive law, with the majority of it focusing on civil litigation, criminal law, estates, bankruptcy, business organizations, contracts, and environmental law.
PLS (Professional Legal Secretary) certification: Christine Bosker. Warner Norcross & Judd LLP
THE PLS exam is a one-day, four-part examination which demonstrates not only dedication to professionalism but acceptance of the challenge to be exceptional. Personal motivation is necessary to attain such a goal. The exam consists of Written Communi-
cations, Office Procedures and Technology, Ethics and Judgment Skills, and Legal Knowledge and Skills.
ALS (Accredited Legal Secretary) certifications: Mary Alles, Melissa Barnes, Courtney Blanchard, Amy DeVries, Martina Martinez, Meghan Polera, all of Davenport University.
The Exam Covers three parts: Written Communications; Office Procedures and Legal Knowledge; and Ethics, Human Relations, and Judgment.
Established in 1929 as the National Association of Legal Secretaries, the purpose of NALS is to enhance the competencies and contributions of members in the legal services profession. NALS of Michigan chartered in 1961 is a part of Region 3, along with Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and West Virginia, and consists of 11 local chapters, including NALS of West Michigan, chartered in 1967. For more information, www.nalsofwmi.org.