Municipal League board endorses Proposal 2

The Michigan Municipal League Board of Trustees has voted to support the Proposal 2 Voters Not Politicians ballot initiative. The 18-member board’s endorsement came Sept. 20, as the League and the Michigan Association of Planning wrapped up their joint annual convention in Grand Rapids.

Proposal 2 will amend the Michigan Constitution to establish an independent redistricting commission and eliminate the current process of having the Legislature draw district boundaries, which often favors the party in control rather than candidates’ stances on the issues.

Proponents of Proposal 2, including the League, believe that it will put voters—not politicians—in charge of drawing balanced election maps that do not give one party or candidate an unfair advantage.

“The proposal would likely lead elected officials to be more accountable to all voters within their districts, giving a larger voice to those concerned with the condition of their roads, drinking water, police and fire protection, recreational opportunities and community services for seniors, veterans and children,” said Melanie Piana, president of the Michigan Municipal League Board of Trustees.

The League joins many other individuals and organizations around the state, including the Michigan Retired Judges association, NAACP Michigan Chapter (and Lansing and Saginaw), many labor unions, Grand Rapids Mayor Rosalynn Bliss, and as previously reported, the Michigan Association for Justice.