AG office will make arguments on both sides of 'Adopt and Amend' process at Supreme Court

At oral arguments on July 17, the office of the Michigan Attorney General will have lawyers giving oral argument both in support of and opposition to the constitutionality of the “Adopt and Amend” process. The oral arguments are being held at the Michigan Supreme Court building in Lansing.

On April 3, 2019, the Michigan Supreme Court (MSC) directed the Department of Attorney General to file two separate briefs on the constitutionality of the adopt and amend process, making arguments both for and against it. The brief in support of the process was filed by Deputy Solicitor General Restuccia on May 15 and the brief in opposition was filed by Solicitor General Hammoud on June 19.

A request for an advisory opinion from the Michigan Supreme Court was made by the Michigan House and Senate after the Legislature’s adoption of two ballot measures that made changes to Michigan’s minimum wage and earned sick time laws. Amendments to those laws were passed in lame duck that same year.

Although Sen. Stephanie Chang submitted a formal opinion request to the Department of Attorney General, the department has held off on issuing an opinion on the matter that is now before the MSC.

Due to its unique role as the People’s attorney, the Department of Attorney General often acts as a legal advocate on different sides of a given issue while safeguarding the integrity of each side.