Attorney joins webinar on 'Navigating the Chinese Patent System'

Thomas Moga, a member of Dykema in the Bloomfield Hills and Washington, D.C. office, will join Strafford’s live video webinar, “Navigating the Chinese Patent System: What U.S. Patent Counsel Need to Know, Leveraging Recent Amendments,” on Thursday, November 17 from 1 to 2:30 p.m.

The webinar will guide U.S. patent counsel and companies on Chinese patent law and what they need to know about the Chinese system. The panel will address changes to the Guidelines for Examination and new draft amendments as well as current litigation trends.

Moga has more than 30 years of experience in domestic and international IP portfolio development and enforcement. A pioneer in protecting and enforcing IP rights in China, Moga has represented foreign companies there since the 1980s. He is an experienced patent prosecutor in the mechanical, chemical, biochemical, and pharmaceutical arts and testifies as an expert witness in patent disputes.

As an IP portfolio developer, Moga’s experience includes the development of domestic and foreign patent portfolios primarily through the drafting and prosecution of patent applications for filing in the United States and abroad.

Also speaking on the webinar’s panel will be Rui Luo, partner, Han Kun Law Offices; and Dr. Letao Qin, partner, Rimon.

Cost for the webinar is $347. To register, visit