MentorJET takes off at Cooley Law


By Jo Mathis

Legal News

Ypsilanti attorney Stuart Collis said he remembers what it was like to be in law school, and then strike out on his own.

''Hopefully tonight I've helped student not make some of the mistakes I made,'' said Collis, who hung out his shingle in 1996.

Collis was one of the 28 local attorneys and judges who met with Cooley Law School students at Cooley's Ann Arbor campus Tuesday night for a speed mentoring session called ''MentorJET.''

The event, which was sponsored by the National Association of Women Judges, the Detroit Metro Bar Association and the Wayne region of the Women Lawyers Association of Michigan, gave students the opportunity to talk with law professionals in 10 six-minute sessions. Afterwards, participants mingled over hors deuvres for an hour.

Judge Katherine Hansen of the 36th District Court in Detroit was pleased with the results.

''It's an opportunity for the law students to meet with lawyers and judges in a relaxed but professional setting to learn a little bit from a lot of people in a short time,'' she said.

It was the first time MentorJET had been held at Cooley.

''I got some good practical tips,'' said Cory Funk, who is in his second year of law school. ''One of the attorneys said, `Everyone says there are too many lawyers. But there is always room at the top.'''

Funk said those words will inspire him to work even harder.

Published: Thu, Feb 9, 2012